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Chimney Waterproofing Services in Coquitlam

Get 40 years of experience & professional chimney waterproofing service with Chim-Chiminey Sweep.

Costly repairs can be avoided by waterproofing your chimney. If there are cracks in mortar joints, deteriorated bricks, damaged crowns, corroded flashings or any structural cracks, then these will need to be repaired. Erosion can lead to partial or complete internal collapse of the chimney, blocking the flue and sending poisonous gases into your home or causing a fire.

Have your home’s chimney inspected and waterproofed by experienced professionals that know what to look for. Chim-Chiminey Sweep are WETT Certified and have been inspecting, waterproofing and repairing chimneys for 30 years.

External Water Damage

Water freezing & thawing on your chimney structure can cause damage.

As freezing occurs, ice crystals inside cracks begin to expand between mortar and bricks. Bricks can crumble or flake and mortar joints will become weakened. This can cause water damage inside your chimney or even more costly structural repairs. Gaps, cracks and masonry problems are repaired and sealed. Chimney Caps, Flashings, Chase Covers and Dampers are also checked. We identify all areas of water invasion and seal them to prevent further erosion.

Internal Water Damage.

Water inside your chimney can cause more serious damage to your chimney!

Internal chimney water damage is caused when water enters your chimney and mixes with creosote or soot inside the chimney flue and smoke chamber. These materials combine to create a caustic mixture that will eat away at mortar joints. Over time the mortar erodes and can leave gaps in flue lining joints and weaken the chimney’s structure. Often water gets in through cracks, but Chimney Caps, Chase Covers and Top-Sealing Dampers all work to protect this area. Chim-Chimney Sweep Technicians will check for all deficiencies in your chimney’s water protection system.

Have Your Chimney Inspected Annually & Cleaned By A Qualified Professional Chimney Sweep.