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WETT Inspections Services in Coquitlam

Do you require an visual inspection for a municipality or insurance on a home equipped with a wood burning appliance or fireplaces?

Chim-Chiminey Sweep is WETT Certified and can perform Level-1, Level-2 & Level-3 WETT Inspections.

Wood fireplaces are one of the highest fire risk areas in a home, raising concerns about loss of life or injury and the rebuilding costs of fire related damage. Insurance Companies and Pre-Financing Institutions may require a home with a wood burning system to be inspected for compliance with your local building and safety codes.

Your wood burning system should also undergo a WETT Inspection if it is not functioning properly, is damaged or causing concerns such as smoke spillage or rapid creosote accumulation.

WETT Level 1 Inspection

Inspection of the ‘readily accessible’ components of the system.

The inspector in a level 1 WETT inspection will usually not use any tools or ladders and will look at the visible systems of the fireplace and chimney to determine if it is code compliant and appears to be safe to operate. Deficiencies will cause a recommendation for another inspection prior to operation of the unit.

WETT Level 2 Inspection

Inspection of all ‘accessible’ components of the system.

The level 2 inspection looks at the suitability and integrity of the system’s components. Level 2 is required if there have been any changes made to the appliance or major components. It is also required if there has been an event like a fireplace fire. Technicians in a level 2 inspection may need to disassemble some components of the system as part of the inspection process.

WETT Level 3 Inspection

Inspection of ‘accessible’ and ‘inaccessible’ components of the system.

Not all areas of a fireplace or chimney are readily visible and the inspector may need to gain access to concealed areas. Level -3 WETT Inspections require an ‘invasive’ or ‘destructive’ inspection (damaging walls, chimneys or ceilings) and may involve specialized tools. This may create damages to the home that require repairs.

Have Your Chimney Inspected Annually & Cleaned By A Qualified Professional Chimney Sweep.